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Easy books to read in Vietnamese


I have been studying Vietnamese for a couple of months now and am looking for some fairly simple books in Vietnamese.
Preferably with pictures so that its easy to understand the context.
Important is that they are not using too much slang and dont have a lot of misspellings.

Any tips?

By Carl - over 5 years ago

  • Hi Carl, do you want to speak Vietnamese to someone? It is me - Vy Huyen - about 1 year ago

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Hello Carl, there are free Vietnamese apps meant for children that can help in varying levels. I found this to be the easiest resource but you can also order books online like these:,p_n_feature_nine_browse-bin:3291478011

Good luck!

By Vidocumentary - over 5 years ago

  • Thanks a lot! Thats a pretty huge selection they've got there on Amazon.. Have you read any of them? - Carl - over 5 years ago

Actually I haven't but I grabbed a large amount while I was in Vietnam. The children's books tend to be a little lower level than I should be at but they are all still pretty helpful for vocabulary. 

By Vidocumentary - over 5 years ago

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