Language exchange partners in Antwerpen-belgië

  • Barbara

    52 Female living in Rotterdam

    Speaking Dutch

    learning English

    My name is Barbara. I'm 52 years and I want to improve my English conversation skills. Although I don't like skype, I think it's great and efficient way to speak with native speakers all over the world.

    I'm a full time technical translator, mother of four children (17 - 25 years old). I work at home, so I'm nearly always available for a chat.

  • Katia_ua

    19 Female living in Лювен, Бельгия

    Speaking Dutch Russian Ukrainian English

    learning Chinese

    Hello everybody! 大家好!My name is Katia, I'm 19 years old. I'm an Ukrainian girl studying in Belgium at the Catholic University of Leuven, I'm studying Chinees (普通), so here I'm searching for a language partner who could help me with it. In my turn I could help you with English/Dutch/Russian :)

    Don't hesitate to contact me! ^__^

  • Alex

    23 Male living in Antwerpen, België

    Speaking Dutch French English

    learning German Russian Spanish

  • Delana

    51 Female living in Everberg, Kortenberg, Belgium

    Speaking English

    learning Dutch

    I'm a Pilates instructor and I own my own studio in Everberg.   I have a positive approach to most things in life and I enjoy being able to help people.  I struggle with languages but REALLY want to improve my Dutch and eventually brush up on Norwegian (my husband's mother tongue)

  • Anna

    65 Female living in Bruxelles, Belgique

    Speaking Hungarian

    learning French

  • Engelofmine

    26 Female living in Bruselas, Bélgica

    Speaking Catalan Spanish

    learning English French

  • Zolcerik

    29 Male living in Brussels

    Speaking English Slovak Norwegian

    learning Norwegian German French

    Slovak native working with EU in Brussels

  • Zakaria

    Male living in Rotterdam

    Speaking English

    learning French

  • Mathias

    Male living in Leuven

    Speaking Dutch English French

    learning Japanese

  • Lechoin

    23 Female living in Leuven

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

    Hello, everyone. I'm a girl from China, now studying in KULeuven, Belgium.

    I'm looking for language partner for English-Chinese exchange.

    Let's learn from each other. XD


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