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Exercises for reading Hiragana


I recently started learning the Japanese language. Got started learning vocabulary and some grammar very quickly. But without knowing the Hiragana and Katakana alphabet one feel very limited.
So i started using apps lite Quizlet for rehearsing them and it went very well. I'd like practice reading full sentences now though and wonder if anyone here has some good resources?

I was thinking about something in the form of a pdf with kana text on the left side and on the right side there would be a "solution" Romaji version where i can check if my Romanization was correct or not.

By Matt - over 2 years ago

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    Hi Matt!
    I was using this site a lot in the beginning. It's pretty good, as it dynamically generates task sheets including solutions for the kana-romajis

    Or if you like you can actually use google translate for this as well. It not ontly translates the sentence to english but also converts the kanji and kanas to romaji.

    Here is a demo link which converts こんばんは

    By Gandalf - over 2 years ago

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