Language exchange partners in Milano

  • Xajare

    25 Female living in Milano, Italia

    Speaking Italian English

    learning Ukrainian

    I'm Irene from Milan.
    I have been studied Ukrainian for a long time, but I don't know how to start to speak it. I can speak in Italian and English, would you like to share these languages with me?
    Contact me, we can start chatting on skype!
    Skype contact: Irene Donatoni or xajare

  • Fabio19

    22 Male living in Milano, MI, Italia

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    i'm a student of Chemistry at university. i want improve my English and help you with italian. :)

  • Luca

    36 Male living in Milano, MI, Italia

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    I would like to pratice fluency and pronunciation with someone who has english as their first language.

    I consider myself to be a reasonably well-spoken men in my native language (with no discernible regional accent), so I can in turn be of assistance to anyone who need perfecting his/her Italian.

    I work in a web marketing firm and I watch tv and movies in English, so I have many occasions to read, write and hear the language... I just need to excercise in speak it out loud myself.

  • Fabiob

    27 Male living in Bergamo, Italy

    Speaking Italian

    learning German

  • Sisco

    30 Male living in Milano

    Speaking Italian

    learning German

  • Sophie

    26 Female living in milano

    Speaking English

    learning Italian

    ciao, sono sophie. vorrei migliorare il mio italiano e posso aiutarti imparare il tuo inglese!'

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