Language exchange partners in Bristol

  • Mark stevens
    Mark stevens

    26 Male living in Bristol, United Kingdom

    Speaking Danish English French

    learning Italian Russian Spanish

    Hiya! solo quisiera practicar mi Espanol con nativos. En cambio , puedo ayudarse con Ingles,Frances y Danes !

    Gracias por adelantado :)

  • Forestgreenrover

    27 Male living in Cardiff

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Hello, I am a native English speaker currently living in Cardiff, Wales. I am looking to practice French with a French speaker. Please get in touch! Regards, FGR
  • Charliewhitehead

    16 Male living in Bristol

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Bonjour! Je m'appelle Charlie et je suis âgé de seize ans a partir de Bristol en Angleterre. Pardon moi mais je ne peux pas très bon français! Je suis heureux d'aider les gens avec leur anglais mais tu faut aider moi avec mon français!

  • Katie bee
    Katie bee

    43 Female living in Bristol

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Hi, I'm Kate, I am learning French at university level and am about to start my final year. I am looking for someone to chat to perhaps twice a week in the afternoon. I will correct your English if you correct my French. I teach primary languages so hopefully am good at explaining things.

    Salut, je m'appelle kate. J'apprends le Francais a l'universite. c'est mon annee dernier.

  • Annajohn

    24 Female living in Cardiff

    Speaking English

    learning French

    I really enjoy travelling, especially when it involves travelling and eating lots of new foods! I'm a very honest and friendly person who loves to meet new people and swap stories. I would love to tell you about my culture here in Wales and to hear about your stories and culture of your home town.


    I'm a bubbly and lively person who is always starting up creative projects or outside in the sunshine on my kayak or swimming.


  • Richy

    19 Male living in Cardiff

    Speaking English

    learning Welsh French Russian

    Bonjour, je m'appelle Richy, je suis un Gallois et j'apprends le francais. Je chercher pour quelqu'un a m'aider avec mon francais. In return, I will help you with English

  • Hazelnut_latte

    27 Female living in Cardiff

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

    Hi~I'm a Chinese native speaker and studying English in the UK.I'd like to do language exchange and meet new friends.^_^
  • Joey27

    15 Female living in Salisbury

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Hey, I'm currently studying french for my GCSEs and would love to practice my french conversation through Skype. I am very willing to teach you English in return :-)

  • Cymro

    30 Male living in Cardiff

    Speaking English

    learning French

  • D.s.

    35 Female living in bristol

    Speaking Romanian

    learning English

    I would like to improve my speaking in English.

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