Language exchange partners in Seattle

  • Silverfish

    22 Female living in Olympia, WA, USA

    Speaking English

    learning German

    Hallo! Ich lerne Deutch und möchte mit ein Penpal auf Skype reden. Wir können auf ein bisschen auf Deutsch und auch English sprechen. Ich treffe neue Leute gern und ich denke es macht viel Spaß, Sprachen zu lehren und lernen. Ich lehre freiwillig bei einer Nonprofit-Sprachenschule. Bitte schreib mir und dann können wir auf Skype reden :)

    Hello! I am learning German and would like to talk with a penpal on Skype. We can speak in both German and English so that we can teach each other. I love meeting new people and I think it's a lot of fun to teach and learn languages. Currently I am volunteering at a nonprofit language school as an English teacher. Please write me and then we can meet on Skype :)


  • Lexilee888

    24 Female living in Seattle, WA, USA

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Currently dabbling in French. Want someone that can help me make sure my pronunciation is correct. I can try to help my best with helping someone learn English. 
  • Phuong nguyen
    Phuong nguyen

    living in Seattle, WA, United States

    Speaking English


  • Scottcoull

    living in Seattle

    Speaking English

    learning German

  • Gbc1985

    29 Male living in Seattle, WA

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I am a family man with four young children and a fifth on the way. I work full time with reverse rotating shifts. I've taken Spanish in both high school and college, but I'm disappointed with my ability to converse with Spanish speaking Americans in the area.

  • Aldavy90

    23 Male living in Seattle, WA

    Speaking English

    learning Russian

    Russian was my first language but I have lost the skills once I started speaking English more. Hoping to relearn the language so I can have better conversationms with my family. 

  • Robert layman
    Robert layman

    23 Male living in Port Hadlock

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

    I'm a American Living in washington state.  I like video games and anime.  I am married and just celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary and I am intereested in learning more about japanese culture.  I speak very very very little japanese but if I can help someone practice there english thats fine by me.

  • Walkeraustin

    20 Male living in Seattle

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish French German Italian

    Who me? I'm just another student and traveller looking to brush up on his european tongue. I'm interested in arabic too!

  • Reckthor

    23 Male living in Puyallup

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese



    初めまして 私はZacです。 

    私はアメリカ人 男です 23歳

    I love 夏目漱石 My favorite book is こころ

    私の趣味はCooking/Baking. Working on Cars, Reading,and tennis,Building Computers

    i have been stuidying 日本語 and i want to come back to japan and learn so much more.
    after studying Japanese language and culture I have come to be fascinated by the many concepts

    I stayed in Fukushima-ken for 2 months last year volunteering. I was helping a man clean his house and I also helped build a kiln in Miyagi-ken.
    After i came back yo America i realized that i must come back to japan and learn more Japanese and find a way to stay for longer that before.

    I was helping a man that makes 陶器. he introduced me to so many ideas such as 侘寂. i now have a passion to learn more.

    I hope to hear back from you.


  • Coffeefirst

    29 Male living in Seattle

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese


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