Language exchange partners in Newington

  • Mmyleiha

    16 Female living in Connecticut, USA

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I am a junior in high school and I am 16.
  • Jason

    21 Male living in 美国麻萨诸塞州阿默斯特

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

    I am a student in UMASS AMHERST. I want to find a English partner. If you are interested in mandarin, just contact me. My skype is lovesky89757

  • Stephen

    Male living in Vernon, CT, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese

    Hello, my name is Stephen, I am a native English speaker and I am just learning Mandarin Chinese. If you would like to skype, my skype I.D. Is mack729

  • Tylerp1030

    18 Male living in Connecticut, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    Soy estudiante y tengo una carrera de educación secundaria - español.  Quiero mejorar mi proficiencia oral y escrita.  Planeo a estudiar en Argentina el año que viene. (Primavera 2016).

  • Jmesk8

    23 Male living in Amherst, MA, United States

    Speaking English

    learning German

    Reach me on Skype: jamieskateskype                                                                            Or if that doesn't work, just search "Jamie Skate"

  • Thewizardking

    34 Male living in New London, CT, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese

    I am a well traveled man, very cultured and love to meet and exchange with new people from all over the world :)

  • Iashleighx

    22 Female living in Connecticut, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish German

    I learned Spanish and German in school and I'm hopig to find someone to  practice with so I can become more fluent.  

  • Rick slayton
    Rick slayton

    53 Male living in new haven, ct.

    Speaking English


  • Gonzalezcaa

    23 Male living in Newington

    Speaking English Spanish

    learning French German Japanese

    Hello! My name is Carlos, a language studies student from northeastern USA. I am a native speaker of English and Spanish, learning French now but willing to meet up with anyone for any language exchange! Can't wait to meet you!

  • Sestelle

    22 Female living in Connecticut

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

    Hi, my name is Samantha. I started learning Japanese 8 years ago and have not been able to practice it. I spent a month in Japan last year and loved it! I want to go back but I want to learn more Japanese. こんにちは、私の名前はサマンサです。私は8年前に日本語を勉強し始め、それを実践することができていない。日本に一ヶ月を行きました。日本が大好き。日本で帰りたいでも日本語で勉強をします。

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