Language exchange partners in Haarlem

  • Barbara

    52 Female living in Rotterdam

    Speaking Dutch

    learning English

    My name is Barbara. I'm 52 years and I want to improve my English conversation skills. Although I don't like skype, I think it's great and efficient way to speak with native speakers all over the world.

    I'm a full time technical translator, mother of four children (17 - 25 years old). I work at home, so I'm nearly always available for a chat.

  • Alexfm85

    29 Male living in Netherlands

    Speaking Dutch

    learning Italian Thai

    Hi there!

    I've fallen in love.... with the Thai language! I really like it and woud like to improve. Hope I find someone who wants te help me in exchange for teaching English or Dutch.

    Kind regards,


  • Yihong

    30 Male living in Utrecht

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Marie

    Female living in Haarlem

    Speaking Japanese

    learning Dutch

  • Raquel

    27 Female living in Leiden

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

  • Zakaria

    Male living in Rotterdam

    Speaking English

    learning French

  • Chen

    25 Female living in wageningen

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Alex1471

    25 Male living in utrecht

    Speaking English

    learning Italian Spanish

    I am interested in improving my italian. In particular everyday use of the language. Being able to communicate fluently. My level is low intermediate - I can read and probably write ok, and understand spoken italian not too bad, but i dont have much confidence in speaking. I really need practice speaking about normal everyday topics, and using everyday grammar, also getting used to listening to everyday conversation.


    If you think you could help me I would be happy to help you improve or practice your English. I have done a little bit of teaching, so should be able to explain some grammar etc. I am from England but currently living in the Netherlands where i am studying for a masters degree. I also do a face to face language exchange here in Spanish... but dont have time to another one as it takes a full evening involving travel. Thats why it would be perfect if i could get some practice - maybe 1 hour per week without leaving my appartment.

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