Language exchange partners in Dublin

  • Elidyahk

    18 Female living in Dublin, Ireland

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Hi everyone I'll try to be brief
    my name is Elidyah, I am an 18 year old girl from Dublin. I am originally from the Congo, I would say I have a good level of French but I really would like to become a better speaker as I do hope to live in France or any francophone country in the future.
  • Lorrielass

    35 Female living in Westmeath, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

    Speaking English

    learning German

  • Liamish

    74 Male living in Clontarf,Dublin, Ireland

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I'm a friendly outgoing person who enjoys meeting mature sincere people.

    I like helping  people improve their English in return for their assistance with my Spanish studies.

  • Ricobrasil

    Male living in Dublin

    Speaking Portuguese

    learning English

    Hi everyone,
    This is Ricardo and I'm from Brazil.
    I'd like to practice and improve more my English. On the other hand, I can teach you Portuguese.
    Feel free to contact me and let's enjoy! ;)

  • Liamish

    73 Male living in Dublin

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I'm a quiet person who likes reading detective novels.

    I also enjoy watching sport on TV.

    Classical music and Opera are things that I also enjoy.

    Sometimes I meet people on Skype and use my web cam for language exchanging purposes.

  • Fabriciofca03

    31 Male living in Dublin

    Speaking Portuguese

    learning English

    Hi, my mane's Fabrício, I was born in São Paulo Brazil, Now I'm living in Dublin Ireland...Portuguese is not a common language but the Mandarin, English and Spanish are the most spoken languages ​​around the world. Unfortunately, the Portuguese is not on this list and you have to devote to other languages​.

    I love going out to bars and restaurants, like hanging out with friends and talk, practice martial arts, robby love wine, learn to languages and love travel ................ very nice and make friends with new people!

  • Sromeu

    34 Male living in Dublin

    Speaking Catalan Spanish

    learning English

    My name is Sergi and I'm from Barcelona. My wife and I moved to Dublin one week ago. 
    I would like to improve my english to be able to find a job in Dublin...I speak catalan and spanish, so I could help you to improve it!

  • Mery

    27 Female living in dublin

    Speaking Spanish Italian


    Hi, i am a spanish girl living in Dublin to improve my English. I would like practise with other student.


  • Konect to languages
    Konect to languages

    living in Bray co Wicklow

    Speaking English

    learning French

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