Language exchange partners in Austin

  • Ryan4815

    24 Male living in Austin, TX, USA

    Speaking English

    learning Russian

  • Joshuapee

    27 Male living in Austin, TX, United States

    Speaking English

    learning German

    I live in a beautiful town outside of Austin, the so called gateway to the Texas hill country.  I grew up in Texas and I love it here, I study the local flora and fauna to be more in touch with my home and it's history. I am into reading about local folklore, local herbal folk remedies and the like. I throw hatchets and knives, build huge bonfires, and love riding my bicycle around to go for a cruise or to camp. I value health and living an active lifestyle. I grow food, herbs, flowers and am always learning with that. I am a laid back dude, I like to brew beer and enjoy good food and company.

    I started studying German in high school and have tried to stay in touch with it. Since graduating college it's become increasingly more difficult to maintain any level of German language skills. I am hoping to become a teacher (not particularly German) this upcoming year and would love to use this program as some kind of practice for holding education based dialogue.

  • Michael martin
    Michael martin

    16 Male living in Austin

    Speaking English Filipino

    learning Chinese Japanese

    I am a highschool student in the United States, in the IB program, and just decided to join this website to make new friends, improve on some languages that I was interested in and hopefully help out other people who are interested in English.

  • Vidocumentary

    27 Female living in Austin

    Speaking English Vietnamese

    learning Vietnamese Chinese Spanish

    I am a freelance video editor and documentarian. My first language is Vietnamese but I am looking to improve it (elementary level) and the second language that I speak mainly is English. My in-laws speak Cantonese so I'd also like to learn more (more than just food haha) as well. Last, but most important, I am looking to be functional in Spanish. I love traveling and have gone to Mexico, Colombia and Spain and am going to visit Spain and Portugal for vacation soon.


    23 Male living in Austin, Texas

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Bonjour tout le monde! J'apprends français et aimerais d'avoir un partenaire de conversation motivé. Je serais heureux de vous aider avec l'anglais aussi bien!

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