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Anyone trying to learn portuguese and helping with english?

Marina almeida

Hello everybody, I am brazilian, my native language is portuguese. I can help with it, but it would be nice if somebody help me with english!


By Marina Almeida - almost 7 years ago

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    Marina almeida

    Sure, why not i would love to help. I am an Elite in English language. Here is my skype id  


    see you then smiley

    By ryan - almost 7 years ago

      Marina almeida

      Hi Marina, I'm an Indonesian and also need practice in speaking english. If it's OK to U, we can make a contact. Which one do you prefer? skype or by mail? feel free to let me know. Thanks.


      By Celebes - almost 7 years ago

        Marina almeida

        Hi Marina, my name is Chris and I'd be glad to chat with you in English! My Skype id is chrisapp2

        By alan77 - over 6 years ago

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