Language exchange partners in Tokyo

  • Matt

    26 Male living in Tokyo, Japan

    Speaking German

    learning Japanese

  • Mikhailkotykhov

    39 Male living in Tokyo, Japan

    Speaking English Russian

    learning Arabic Chinese French Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Spanish

    You can study languages for years.

    Or you can start speaking it today and get fluent in a few months.

    I don't teach the language (grammar, books, exercises etc.) I know that it doesn't work. I am trying to help people start speaking and using the language.

    And this is how I am learning languages myself too.

    My native language is Russian. I lived in Russia and New Zealand and now live in Tokyo, Japan.

    I have learned English myself, without any teachers, books or native language environment. Just Internet, motivation and practice.

    I have been teaching Business and Economics to University students and business skills to managers. Recently, I am developing my own language learning programs.

    Stop studying the language, start speaking it.

    Ask me if you need help to get started.

    You can also find me on LinkedIn, and Quora.


  • Aki

    26 Female living in 日本Tōkyō-to

    Speaking Chinese Japanese

    learning English

  • Kazomike

    44 Male living in Akabane, Kita, Tokyo, Japan

    Speaking English Spanish

    learning Japanese

    I was born in Los Angeles, but lived for many years in the San Francisco Area, 6 years in Japan, and several years experience in the Philippines. I speak Spanish too, but English is my native language. I love music and worked in the music industry for many years!  I really want to learn Japanese! Yoroshiku!

  • Robsan

    18 Male living in Yokohama

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

    Konnichiwa! I am Rob, and I am from upstate NY! Watashi wa juuhachi sai desu. I am learning Japanese, and I'm looking for Japanese friends! If you are interested, please contact me on Skype. My username is maliceengrey, and I look forward to hearing from you! Yoroshiku! ^___^

  • Japanesezombie

    23 Male living in Gunma

    Speaking Japanese

    learning English

    I am working at kids English school as a teacher, so I would like to practice speaking English to improve my skills. i have been to Canada for one year. I had a wonderful time there. people who want to learn Japanese are welcome.
  • Petegq

    30 Male living in Nakano

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese


  • Macaroon

    31 Female living in Tokyo

    Speaking Japanese

    learning English

    Hello, there!

    I'd like to enjoy studying language with you!!

  • Jun sugiyama
    Jun sugiyama

    33 Male living in Tokio, Sugiinami

    Speaking Japanese English

    learning Chinese French

    Lving in Tokyo and learning literature and philosophy to be fed up of these in the end. I used to live in NY, London and Berlin for about two years each. Now I am learning network engineering.

    Hope i can learn Germany and french more here.

  • Takayuki

    28 Male living in Tokyo

    Speaking Japanese

    learning English

    My occupation is mainly progrummer, and sometimes play drums as work.

    Recently I developed a web site and am starting my own business.

    I've been to New York for several months to study music after I graduated from university, but I couldn't improve my English skill.

    Because I was really into music.
    Now I want to use English for my work,
    and I'm looking for LE partner.
    I can help you learning Japanese.
    If you are interested in LE with me, please feel free to contact me!

  • Progress724

    25 Male living in Oyama

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

    I am an English teacher living in Japan. I want to improve my Japanese langauge skills so that I can understand my co-workers more, and so that I can live more easily in Japan.

  • Yoshi

    30 Male living in Tokyo

    Speaking Japanese Japanese

    learning English English

    Hi, I'm Yoshi

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