Language exchange partners in Thanh-phố-thượng-hải-trung-quốc

  • Huyy bò
    Huyy bò

    living in Thanh Phố, Thượng Hải, Trung Quốc

    Speaking Vietnamese

    learning Vietnamese

  • Gavin chan
    Gavin chan

    living in 中国上海市

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Albb762

    31 Male living in 中国上海市上海

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Johnson wang
    Johnson wang

    32 Male living in Shanghai

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

    I am an IT technician, I want to practice and learn English. If you want to learn Chinese Mandarin or practice it, Please contact me.My mail:[email protected], and you can add my skype:johnson.wk.

  • Bingting

    26 Female living in Shanghai

    Speaking Chinese

    learning Spanish

  • Ausolo

    30 Male living in Shanghai

    Speaking Chinese English

    learning Japanese Korean Thai

     I am 30 year old male living in Shanghai China. I am in the business a Management Consulting.  

    Language skills: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

  • Joren

    28 Male living in Shanghai

    Speaking Dutch Dutch

    learning Chinese Chinese

  • Summin

    27 Male living in Shanghai

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Tree1212

    28 Male living in Shanghai



    A software engingneer- -.
  • Jocelyn

    28 Female living in shanghai

    Speaking Chinese

    learning Spanish


    I am looking for serious language partners, if you are native spanish speaker, please contact me, I will teach you Chinese in reture. I am avalible for weekends, and 7 pm during working days.

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