Language exchange partners in Taipei-taiwan

  • Preetpal111

    29 Male living in New Taipei City, Taiwan

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese

    Hi. I am a postdoctoral fellow in New Taipei City basically from India. Want to learn Chinese. Hope to find new friends and help others if they are interseted in learning English or Hindi.

  • Nana kao
    Nana kao

    living in Taipei City, Taiwan

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Alicelin13697

    28 Female living in Taipei, Taiwan

    Speaking Chinese Japanese

    learning English

    HI ! I'm Taiwanese I was lived in Japan 5 years ago so

    I  can speak Chinese and Japanese. now I'm learning English

    around 2 years by myself. but I still can't speak very well. I'd love to practice with someone by skype or e-mail.

  • Brian424

    living in Taoyuan City, Taiwan

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Eason

    29 Male living in Taipei

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English

  • Hazelnox

    18 Female living in Taipei

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English English French Swedish

  • Nessienessie

    24 Female living in taipei xinzhuang

    Speaking Chinese

    learning English German Japanese

    I am interested in language learning. I prefer to find someone to take about science, electronic, physics, etc, especially in formal and polite way. I majored in Physics and now is doing a job as endoscope sales. Thus,if you need a language partner related these fields, I am very willing to practice with you:) 

  • Vinodkrishnan

    29 Male living in taipai

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese

    Hello,my name is vinod. From India. Now I live in Taipei. I want to learn Chinese.

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