Language exchange partners in Russia-sankt-peterburg

  • Kleverika

    30 Female living in Санкт-Петербург, Россия

    Speaking Russian

    learning Swedish

    Mitt namn är Katerina. Jag bor i St Petersburg, Ryssland. Jag är en sångare, vegetarian and gift =)

    Lär svenska för en månad!

  • Alexander

    29 Male living in Russia, Sankt-Peterburg

    Speaking Russian

    learning English

    Привет! Ищу способы улучшить свой английский путем общения с носителями языка. Разговариваю по английски с сильным акцентом - хотелось бы это исправить. Не все еще понимаю при разговоре (30-80% в зависимости от темпа речи и сложности темы) - хотелось бы это тоже исправить.
    Hi! I am looking for ways to improve your English by communicating with native speakers. Speak in English with a strong accent - I would like to fix it. Not all can understand in conversation (30-80 %, depending on the rate of speech and the complexity of the topic ) - I would like to fix it too .

  • One546

    25 Male living in Russia, Saint Petersburg

    Speaking Chinese

    learning Arabic

  • Dlinniy

    24 Male living in Russia, Saint Petersburg

    Speaking Russian

    learning English

    Good day! My name is Dmitriy. I'm part time student of ITMO University of last year of education. My occupation is instrumentation and controls technician. I used to study English for a couple of years. Now I am looking for conversational practice

    Russian is my native language. I can help to understand russian culture, specific, and ours horrible grammar rules.

    FYI, my skype is dlinniym

  • Alex

    30 Male living in St. Petersburg

    Speaking English

    learning Russian

  • Maxklim

    23 Male living in Petersburg

    Speaking Russian

    learning English

  • Oleg

    31 Male living in St. Petersburg

    Speaking Russian

    learning English

    Hi! I'm Oleg! l'm seriousy interested in learning English instead of my Russian. the reason is a strong desire to pass the IELTS test. if you want to have a regular "classes" (voice chat, text chat in skype) with me, please laet me know! I'm an engineer of a Power (electricity) stations area. Thank you in advance!
  • Alice

    Female living in Sent Petersburg



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