Language exchange partners in Rasht-gilan-iran

  • Vahid24

    24 Male living in Rasht, Gilan, Iran

    Speaking Persian

    learning English

    hi.I'm from rasht.I'm living rasht.i"m an cg artist and I really like architect.Sometimes i play computer learning english because this language is really interesting and if a person know english can study book and search in internet and learn evey thig becaus english language is international .I'm looking for person to talk wit him and improve my english

  • Seyedloghmansanjary

    30 Male living in Rasht, Guilan, Iran

    Speaking English

    learning German

    I am planning to migrate to Germany to continue my studies. I need to get B1 Germany Certificate. I have started learning since 2 month ago and now at level of A1. I am doing self-learning and need someone whom i can pracitise with. feel free to call me.

    Skype: seyedloghmansanjary

  • Alireza

    23 Male living in Rasht

    Speaking Persian


    Hi to every body

    i'm Alireza From Iran and i Want to improve my english language skill because the studing in high rank university in europe is my dream and for attain to this aim , at first i should to improve my En language and get a good point in IELTS exam.

    i can tech you my native language (persian)

    i like to make friends from around the world

    this is my skype ID : alireza.z69


  • Ali iman
    Ali iman

    25 Male living in Rasht

    Speaking Persian

    learning English

    Just speaking on Skype particulary British accent.

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