Language exchange partners in Münster

  • Andy

    25 Male living in Münster, Germany

    Speaking German

    learning Vietnamese

  • Aaron say
    Aaron say

    14 Male living in Duisburg, Deutschland

    Speaking German

    learning Chinese

  • Thomas

    29 Male living in Witten, Deutschland

    Speaking German

    learning English

    Locker, lustig und freundlich.

  • Xael

    25 Male living in Unna, Deutschland

    Speaking German

    learning English


    I learnd english for about 10 years, but I hadn't much practise for the last 4 years. In a few month I'm going to visit California and before I would like to refresh my rusty skills and get used to native tongue.



    ich hatte 10 Jahre Englischunterricht, habe aber in den letzten vier Jahren kaum ein Wort gesprochen. In ein paar Monaten mache ich Urlaub in Kalifornien und würde vorher gerne meine etwas eingerosteten Kenntnisse wieder auffrischen und mich an den Klang der amerikanischen Sprache gewöhnen.

  • Fabio.kuchen

    living in Bielefeld, Deutschland

    Speaking German German

    learning English English

  • Jason bourne
    Jason bourne

    Male living in North Rhin-Wesphalia

    Speaking German

    learning Dutch English Arabic

    My name is marc and I am searching for possibilities to maintain my English conversational skills. As a matter of fact I prefer to speak over Skype. Additionally I have expierience teaching German. If you want to contact me, feel free to do that.

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