Language exchange partners in Los-angeles-ca-united-states

  • Khoi pham
    Khoi pham

    23 Male living in Upland, CA 91786, USA

    Speaking Vietnamese

    learning English

    Hopefully my english can be improved after i practice on this page

  • Zhmenz

    26 Male living in Los Angeles, کالېفورنیا، متحده آيالات

    Speaking English

    learning Arabic

    Trying to master as many Arabic dialects as I can. I'm a boring Master's student but definitely down to talk about anything.

  • Rossy25

    51 Male living in Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Speaking English

    learning Korean

    I'm a very simple man, who loves Korean movies and also love baseball and basketball, I'm a passionate learner and i believe i will be able to learn so quickly, I love pastries even at my age haha, i really hope I can meet with good koreans here, if you are honest and easy and interesting to be with, please do not wait to contact me on my kakaotalk, doz2518,  tha is my kakaotalk, i wait to read from you there.
    나는 아주 단순한 사람, 한국 영화를 사랑하고 야구와 농구, 나는 정열적 인 학습자와 나는 믿을 수있을 것입니다 너무 빨리 배울 수있는 내 나이에도 하하, 나는 정말로 희망합니다. 좋은 한국인과 만날 수있는 당신이 정직하고 쉽고 재미있는 함께 내 카카오 톡, doz2518, 그쪽으로 내 카카오 톡, 나 거기에서 읽을 때까지 기다리고 싶습니다.

  • Markjohnson1970

    Male living in Los Angeles International Airport, 5932 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

    Speaking English

    learning German

    am a soldier seeking female friend
  • Mattpsyd

    20 Male living in Covina, CA, USA

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

  • Nicolau123

    21 Male living in Los Angeles, CA, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Portuguese Spanish

  • Cvazir

    18 Male living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

  • Lorraineb

    26 Female living in Anaheim

    Speaking English Spanish

    learning Italian

    Hi there! I love learning new languages. At the moment I am learning the very basics of Italian and am not prepared to hold a conversation yet. However, I am fluent in English and Spanish so am here to help those looking to learn. 

  • Jasont

    20 Male living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning German

    Hello, I love to travel and would like to learn more languages!

  • Luluch7

    23 Female living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English Portuguese

    learning Japanese

  • Sawelder

    20 Male living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning Italian French Spanish

    My name is Scott and I am a student at Stanford University. I'm taking a gap year and am looking to practice my Italian before I travel abroad. I can help with your English as well. I look forward to meeting you!

  • Ringpop

    living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

  • Iattp

    32 Male living in los angeles

    Speaking English German

    learning Dutch Yiddish Afrikaans

    I am a PhD student in Germanic Linguistics and am interested in bettering my Dutch. I also play the tuba!

  • Paraic king
    Paraic king

    23 Male living in whittier



    I love learning languages and practicing whenever I can. I studied spanish and french in school, lived in germany for two years, and plan on moving to brasil so am very interested in learning portugese.

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