Language exchange partners in Lebanon

  • Lima

    44 Male living in Damascus, Damascus Governorate, Syria

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

    I'm Arabic native, from Syria - Damascus, I've been studing English for 4 years, I need to improve my English skills, I can help you learning Arabic if you are serious, We can talk on Skype and send e-mails.

  • Zulfiqar-e-aly kachra
    Zulfiqar-e-aly kachra

    15 Male living in Lebanon

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

  • Raeed

    23 Male living in Damascus, Syria

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English French German Russian

    I'm Raeed from Syria, a student in the last year of electrical engineering. I'm here to make friends and learn new languages.

  • Lonelylovebird

    27 Male living in Lebanon

    Speaking Arabic Persian English

    learning Korean

    complicated but simple , hard but easy !!! depends on how you look at it

  • Hosam

    24 Male living in Damascus

    Speaking Arabic

    learning Japanese

    I am hosam I can speak Arabic and English I need to learn Japanese please help me and be my friend

  • Aladdin

    30 Male living in Damascus

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

  • Jayghaddaf

    17 Male living in Beirut

    Speaking English Arabic Arabic

    learning Japanese

    Hello, my name is Jay! (じぇいです).

    I love Japan, and I'm really looking forward to learning the language so that I can travel in the future and attempt to fit in with the people!

  • Osamasaleh

    25 Male living in damascus

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

    - I'm Osama. I'm 25 years old. I am study computer science . I want you to help me practicing... my English Language. I'm a good speaker. In Return i will help you learning Arabic. Hope us to do it together and exchange :)
    we can keep in touch my email address is
    [email protected]
    on Skype

  • Zakariaze

    17 Male living in br

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

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