Language exchange partners in Kirkby-in-ashfield-united-kingdom

  • Abdullah rashed
    Abdullah rashed

    Male living in Manchester, UK

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

    I'm looking to learn English for do a master and I'm happy to help who interesting to learn Arabic.

  • Rgcarew

    22 Male living in Manchester, UK

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I am a 22 year old British guy from Manchester, I study law and I'm learning Spanish!

  • Fayelsaunders

    18 Female living in Manchester, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Salut, Je m'appelle Faye. 

    Je cherche à améliorer mon français parlant, à la fois parler et d'écrire comme j'espère pour l'étudier à l'université. Je suis plus qu'heureuse de vous aider à apprendre l'anglais :) 

  • Sammyjt

    18 Female living in Hull, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning French Chinese Chinese


    I am currently studying French and Chinese and I would really like to be able to improve both languages by talking to native speakers so I can improve my listening and speaking skills....

  • Lynda

    59 Female living in Duffield, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I stopped working to look after my elderly parents who live nearby.  I am married, no kids.  I am a Christian, working it out in post-Christian UK...  I would like to practice Spanish with someone who is available before 5pm

  • Jlstamp

    18 Male living in Sheffield

    Speaking English

    learning French Dutch Hebrew Russian

    I'm Jack, an undergraduate student at Sheffield University studying French, Russian and Dutch. I'm pretty easy going, and just looking for people to chat to, in order to improve my language skills

  • Lammyalex

    23 Male living in Hull, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish


    learning Spanish 

    Play football 

  • Emilyrh123

    19 Female living in Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I am studying international business with spanish at university and would like to improve my spoken spanish by speaking to natives.

  • Veres

    39 Male living in Leeds, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    Tengo 39 años y estoy aqui para mejorar mi español. Puedo ayudarte con tu ingles.

  • Muhammad oleolo
    Muhammad oleolo

    18 Male living in Derby

    Speaking English German

    learning Arabic Japanese

    18 year old prospective law student. In love with Basketball, Philosophy and Hip-hop. I have a great interest in different cultures and hold no greater goal than to learn as many languages as possible.

    ich bin ein 18 jähriger zukünftige Jurastudent. Basketball, Philosophie und Hip-Hop sind meine größten Lieben. Ich interessiere mich an die vershiedene Kulturen der Welt, und ich habe das Ziel zu lernen so viele Sprache als es möglich ist


  • Maestro33

    16 Male living in Kirkby in Ashfield, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning German

  • Sana786

    28 Female living in Birmingham


    learning English

    I m urdu speaking Pakistan I came in uk last year wanna improve my english and can help others in urdu .
  • Timelordaeon

    37 Male living in penkridge

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese French German Italian Japanese Russian Swedish

      my name is Andrew heath and I'm 37 years old and I'm from the county of staffordshire, england.  I was born on September 20th on my mothers birth I'm 3rd oldest out of 4 brothers. my hobbies are astronomy, reading, movies, pen paling, the paranormal,video games, drawing, anime and manga.
  • Badboy12345

    16 Male living in clipstone

    Speaking English

    learning Korean

    Hi my name is brandon im from enagland i can help you to learn britsh engliah and you can help me to learn korean.

  • Emma tyler
    Emma tyler

    22 Female living in Manchester

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Hi, I'm Emma! I'm English and study french at university! I'm quite outgoing but when it comes to speaking French I become quite shy. I would like someone patient and friendly that could help me speak/ learn french, and in return I will help with your English! Please do not hesitate to contact me :) 

  • Nialljd

    20 Male living in Manchester

    Speaking English

    learning Korean

    안녕하세요 :)

    한국어를 배워서 한국친구들 만나려고 해요.

    말하기 어려운 것 같아서 저는 말하기에 중점을 두고 싶어요.

    I'd really like to learn through Skype and talking to people.

    I'll be patient and friendly, maybe the conversations can be half-Korean half-English, so add me :)

  • Clement.coultas

    18 Male living in Manchester

    Speaking English

    learning French Spanish

    I'm looking for friendly people to speak French or Spanish with. 


    I'm a chill uni student. Like to party, love to laugh. Pretty open-minded to stuff, and I dunno what else to say

  • Nussul

    21 Male living in Leicester

    Speaking English

    learning Polish

    I'm Ashley, I'm 21, and I'm English.

    I want to learn Polish because I've been to the country, completely loved it and am considering moving there someday soon.

    I'm a Religious Studies student and my favourite things include watching sports: particularly football & Formula 1, running, and more recently learning languages :)

  • Adoublejstar

    15 Male living in Nottingham

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

    Hi i'm amaan :) 


    im interested in learning japanese as i think it is a beautiful country and i love the culture

  • George6005

    19 Male living in Telford



    I enjoy football I'm look to make new friends 

  • Ben nic
    Ben nic

    20 Male living in Nottingham

    Speaking English

    learning French

  • Yednickteck

    26 Female living in Sheffield

    Speaking English

    learning Turkish

  • Emmayeoman

    19 Female living in Sheffield

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

    Hello! I'm Emma and I'm currently studying Japanese at Sheffield University. I pretty much like everything to do with Japan and Korea from the food to the culture to the music...

    I'm a fairly confident person but if I do get any Japanese wrong then please correct me as I want to increase my knowledge!

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