Language exchange partners in Germany

  • Daniel

    18 Male living in Germany

    Speaking German

    learning English Dutch

    Hello, I am 18 years old and live in Germany. I´d like to find a language partner to improve my English skills. If you are interested in learning German and also teaching English, please feel free to contact me! :)

    Hallo, ich bin 18 Jahre alt und lebe in Deutschland. Ich würde gerne einen Sprachpartner finden, damit ich meine Englischkenntnisse verbessern kann. Wenn du interessiert darin bist, Deutsch zu lernen und English zu unterrichten, kontaktiere mich bitte! :)

  • Paul_1_2_3_4_5_6_7

    29 Male living in Deutschland

    Speaking German

    learning English

    I'm from Germany and looking for a language partner to improve my english. I'm a german native speaker with teaching experience in german.
    I look forward to interesting conversations in english and german.
    Thank you and best regards,

  • Sam30

    30 Male living in Germany

    Speaking Persian

    learning German

    hi, i like to travel around the world and meet new people and learn new languages and something about new cultures

  • Hamzah734

    35 Male living in Germany

    Speaking Indonesian

    learning Arabic English German

    Ich heiße Hamzah Hasyim. Ich wohne in Eschborn. Ich bin student von Beruf . Ich spreche Indonesisch, Englisch und Ich lerne gern Deutsch im ZENTRUM FÜR DEUTSCHE SPRACHE UND KULTUR E.V.  level A1.1. 

    Ich spreche Indonesisch, Englisch, und ein bisschen Deutsch. I am going to find information meet who looking for a English advanced oder Deutsch beginner Indonesisch tandem partner.  My ID skpe is hamzah734

  • Fuseo

    28 Male living in Germany

    Speaking English

    learning German

  • Fabio.kuchen

    living in Bielefeld, Deutschland

    Speaking German German

    learning English English

  • Jack

    25 Male living in Germany

    Speaking German

    learning English

  • Neel

    24 Male living in Germany

    Speaking English German

    learning Arabic

  • Akramalabade

    22 Male living in Germany

    Speaking Arabic

    learning German

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