Language exchange partners in Caracas-venezuela

  • Sandycgomezc

    24 Female living in Caracas, Venezuela

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

    Enthusiasm and optimism to overcome the challenges ;)

    Hello everyone! I joined this network because I want to improve my English writing skills. I take four English classes a week (two of them in the British Council in Caracas) but this is not enough, I need to feel that I'm getting immersed in the language, so would you be my Penpal?

    Serious Penpals only.
    I'll do my best to respond all the letters.

    Best regards!

  • Andresborges27

    25 Male living in caracas

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

    Hey guys, I'm from Venezuela and I would like to do an exchange with an english native speakear... I can help with the spanish in return. 

  • Abraham petit
    Abraham petit

    38 Male living in Caracas

    Speaking English Spanish

    learning Portuguese

    Oi, funcionando como um programador independente (IT), sou no falante nativo de espanhol moro em Caracas, Venezuela, falo fluentemente inglês e agora estou aprendendo a variante portuguesa do Brasil, estou à procura de pessoas que desejam falar diariamente para curtos tempos de 20 minutos para o auxílio mútuo na compreensão e pronúncia. Se você trabalha na área de IT ainda melhor. Idealmente pelo Skype para o id: 'rotatorsoftware'

  • Marlonb

    21 Male living in Caracas

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

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