Language exchange partners in Bangkok

  • Poppykiwi

    22 Female living in กรุงเทพมหานคร ประเทศไทย

    Speaking Thai

    learning Chinese English Russian

    I am easy going 

  • Kasipoom

    28 Male living in Bangkok Thailand

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese

    Hi all, I'm Kesi! I'm friendly. I got on Skype or LINE to improve my speaking in Chinese as well as helping others to learn English.

  • Alexpp.tha

    30 Male living in Bangkok

    Speaking Thai English Vietnamese

    learning French

    Hi everyone, I've start to learn French, I would like to exchange my Thai or English to all you guys who could teaching me French.

    My Skype is alexpp.tha

    Thank you. 

  • Nongkoogkai

    26 Male living in Bangkok

    Speaking Thai

    learning English

    I want someone to exchange language Thai <> English
  • Brian rescue
    Brian rescue

    Male living in Bangkok

    Speaking English

    learning Thai

    Hello!  I'm Brian, and I am an American who lives in Thailand.  I teach English and work as a DJ in Bangkok.  I am learning the Thai language, and I really want to practice my conversation skills with native Thai speakers!  Since I am an English teacher, I can help anybody to learn English too.  Send me a message and we can Skype!



  • Be_lovely001

    22 Female living in Bangkok

    Speaking Thai

    learning English

    Hi, My name is Dear, i'm University student in Thailand, i would like to improve my English conversation skill as much as it possible, i can teach you Thai language for exchange, and also can tell you anything about Thailand,

    please just keep in touch

  • Temsiri

    20 Female living in Bangkok

    Speaking Thai Thai

    learning English English

    Hello:))) I'm Mai.I'm from Thailand. I'm just a girl who wants to improve English skill which is very bad. I tried to do many things to find the way improve it. I thinl speaking with native speakers its the best way. I hope I can find a nice native speaker who cab help me. Honestly, From Temsiri
  • Bbenzdm

    18 Female living in Bangkok

    Speaking Thai

    learning English

    Hi guys :)  

  • Unnii3

    18 Female living in Bangkok

    Speaking English Thai

    learning Norwegian Spanish

    "Hi! I'm Unnie, from Bangkok,Thailand. I'm doing my degree now at International University. so, i considered my English is fluent enough. However, i still want to improve my Speaking and others things.I also keen on movie, music, book and exchanging new culture.

    Recently,I'm interested in Spanish and Italian. I can chat most on my phone, skype even better if we can talking to each other cuz that's what make learning new languages more succesfull, do you think so ? ;D.

    For those who want to learn Thai, i'm your gilr ;D! I can help you with speaking, grammar or anything you want and we can have random talk about our culture,language or other stuffs to improve languages together

  • Brilliant94

    living in Bangkok

    Speaking Thai

    learning English

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