Language exchange partners in Algeria

  • Altern gmail
    Altern gmail

    27 Male living in Algeria, Algiers Province

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

    I gonna fill it later :)
  • Sholeil

    23 Male living in Algiers, Alger, Algérie

    Speaking Arabic

    learning French

    I'm trying to practice my French and English, I think that I'm advanced level in French and an intermediate in English 

  • Oussama

    19 Male living in Boumerdès, Algeria

    Speaking Arabic English

    learning Spanish Swedish

    Hello my name is Oussama.19 years old i'm a native Arabic speaker,influent with English and i'm learning Spanish,so it would be good if you help me learning Spanish and i'd be glad to help you learn Arabic or practice English with you.

  • Riad mokhtari
    Riad mokhtari

    21 Male living in Dely Ibrahim, Alger, Algeria

    Speaking French

    learning English

    i like meet friend and exchange with them 

  • Henry

    23 Male living in algiers



    hello i'de like to practice my frnech i'm french teacher and i have a deploma in traslation from algeria plz if u wanna learn and pracyice contact m in my skype id is babala832

  • Habibeabed

    42 Male living in Algiers

    Speaking Arabic French

    learning English

    Hi , wish you all enjoying and having fun with language learning...I'm Habibe from Algeria,young man of 42 years old .as I am interested in Interchange english conversation I would like to practice it with friends in the mutual respect and why not as a friendly and funny way too.
    that's OK (if you don't mind), in the beginning  to have some short messaging exchange via e-mail (like introducing ourself and feel comfortable with, ) I can help with French and Arabic languages,of course if  you have some skills and some basic knowledges.
    feel free to e-mail me to get in touch .
    [email protected]

  • Sofiane

    23 Male living in algies

    Speaking Arabic

    learning English

    hello my name sofiane and i would like to learn englis and french ,make friends 

    i am here if you want to learn arabic:)


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