Language exchange partners in Wirral, merseyside

  • Rgcarew

    22 Male living in Manchester, UK

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

    I am a 22 year old British guy from Manchester, I study law and I'm learning Spanish!

  • Fayelsaunders

    18 Female living in Manchester, United Kingdom

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Salut, Je m'appelle Faye. 

    Je cherche à améliorer mon français parlant, à la fois parler et d'écrire comme j'espère pour l'étudier à l'université. Je suis plus qu'heureuse de vous aider à apprendre l'anglais :) 

  • Willarigg

    18 Male living in Bangor, United Kingdom

    Speaking English German

    learning French


    I am a young lad who is a native English speaker. I am looking to find someone who is a french native speaker who can help me improve my language skills. I'm up for chat via Skype and if all goes well, perhaps a meeting in person and whatever. 

    Im friendly enough and love to chat - get in touch!


  • Coloxan

    17 Male living in Skelmersdale, United Kingdom

    Speaking English Spanish

    learning Japanese

  • Kahn216

    16 Female living in Shrewsbury



    Hello! My name is Tiffany and i am looking for a friend who i can play video games with while speaking in Japanese. My Japanese is very bad and i dont know many words so i would love to make a new friend to help me. Of course, I would be happy to help you learn English too!!  


  • Timelordaeon

    37 Male living in penkridge

    Speaking English

    learning Chinese French German Italian Japanese Russian Swedish

      my name is Andrew heath and I'm 37 years old and I'm from the county of staffordshire, england.  I was born on September 20th on my mothers birth I'm 3rd oldest out of 4 brothers. my hobbies are astronomy, reading, movies, pen paling, the paranormal,video games, drawing, anime and manga.
  • Emma tyler
    Emma tyler

    22 Female living in Manchester

    Speaking English

    learning French

    Hi, I'm Emma! I'm English and study french at university! I'm quite outgoing but when it comes to speaking French I become quite shy. I would like someone patient and friendly that could help me speak/ learn french, and in return I will help with your English! Please do not hesitate to contact me :) 

  • Nialljd

    20 Male living in Manchester

    Speaking English

    learning Korean

    안녕하세요 :)

    한국어를 배워서 한국친구들 만나려고 해요.

    말하기 어려운 것 같아서 저는 말하기에 중점을 두고 싶어요.

    I'd really like to learn through Skype and talking to people.

    I'll be patient and friendly, maybe the conversations can be half-Korean half-English, so add me :)

  • Clement.coultas

    18 Male living in Manchester

    Speaking English

    learning French Spanish

    I'm looking for friendly people to speak French or Spanish with. 


    I'm a chill uni student. Like to party, love to laugh. Pretty open-minded to stuff, and I dunno what else to say

  • George6005

    19 Male living in Telford



    I enjoy football I'm look to make new friends 

  • Than1

    17 Male living in Liverpool

    Speaking English

    learning German Portuguese

    Hey, I'm mainly looking to improve my conversational German, as I can understand written text quite well, but my speaking is falling short. I've also started teaching myself Portuguese to if anyone can help me with that, that'd be cool.

  • Jaytaylor2013

    16 Male living in Wirral, Merseyside

    Speaking English

    learning French Italian

    Salut! I am an extremely passionate person about business, fashion and languages. I have been interested in learning languages since the age of 10 and continue on to learn every day. I would like a skype tutor / conversation to improve my french as I will be aiming for a degree in the subject so if you want to improve my life please video call me on skype! I would also like to start learning Italian too.


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