Language exchange partners in Roma, rm, italia

  • Maria

    Female living in Italia



  • Jayjay

    32 Male living in Italia

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

  • Cristina yang
    Cristina yang

    16 Female living in Italia

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    I'm a native Italian speaker and I can speak fairly good  EnGLISH . I also speak French

  • Corrado

    52 Male living in Roma, RM, Italia

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    Vivo a Roma, ho 52 anni e sono un manager di un importante gruppo editoriale. Vorrei migliorare il mio inglese (livello intermedio) e sarei felice di poter aiutare chi vuole imparare l'italiano. 

  • Alexlondon

    38 Male living in Rome, Italy

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    I'm a journalist and writer who lived in London for three years. I'm currently living in Rome and I'd like to keep my spoken English as trained as possible. I write about social media and technology, fiction and non-fiction and I've a background in TV, as a screenwriter. I'd love to have a Skype chatting partner to have some regular weekly meetings. We can do half English, half Italian. If that floats your boat, just give me a shout :) Thank you.

  • Cedric

    34 Male living in Rome, Italy

    Speaking English

    learning English Spanish Italian

    I love learning, collecting, researching and developing new skills. Some of these skills have proven useful in my career, and some are just for me to enjoy.  Now, am falling in love with the Italian and Spanish Languages. And why not I love Latin

  • Robyf1

    44 Male living in Italy

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

  • Silvia

    38 Female living in italy

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    kind and friendly

  • Alan77

    36 Male living in Rome

    Speaking English Italian


    Hello my name is Chris and I live in Rome. I'm an Italian-American and I speak both languages fluently.  I'd like to meet people who want to improve Italian or English.

  • Alfonso

    28 Male living in Rome

    Speaking Italian

    learning English

    Hi! My name is Alfonso, I'm 28 and I live in Rome... Let's rock!

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