Language exchange partners in Los angeles, ca, united states

  • Markjohnson1970

    Male living in Los Angeles International Airport, 5932 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

    Speaking English

    learning German

    am a soldier seeking female friend
  • Mattpsyd

    20 Male living in Covina, CA, USA

    Speaking English

    learning Japanese

  • Nicolau123

    21 Male living in Los Angeles, CA, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Portuguese Spanish

  • Cvazir

    18 Male living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

  • Lorraineb

    26 Female living in Anaheim

    Speaking English Spanish

    learning Italian

    Hi there! I love learning new languages. At the moment I am learning the very basics of Italian and am not prepared to hold a conversation yet. However, I am fluent in English and Spanish so am here to help those looking to learn. 

  • Jasont

    20 Male living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning German

    Hello, I love to travel and would like to learn more languages!

  • Luluch7

    23 Female living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English Portuguese

    learning Japanese

  • Sawelder

    20 Male living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning Italian French Spanish

    My name is Scott and I am a student at Stanford University. I'm taking a gap year and am looking to practice my Italian before I travel abroad. I can help with your English as well. I look forward to meeting you!

  • Ringpop

    living in Los Angeles

    Speaking English

    learning Spanish

  • Iattp

    32 Male living in los angeles

    Speaking English German

    learning Dutch Yiddish Afrikaans

    I am a PhD student in Germanic Linguistics and am interested in bettering my Dutch. I also play the tuba!

  • Paraic king
    Paraic king

    23 Male living in whittier



    I love learning languages and practicing whenever I can. I studied spanish and french in school, lived in germany for two years, and plan on moving to brasil so am very interested in learning portugese.

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