Language exchange partners in Bogotá, colombia

  • Mafesalo

    26 Female living in Bogotá, Colombia

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English French

    Hi everyone, and María from Colombia, i really like to improve my english skills and have some conversations with people around the globe.

  • Samuel

    28 Male living in Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

    Speaking Spanish


    Doctor and musician. Currently studying and preparing for Radiology specialization. Very interested in improving my english skills, specially about fluency. Happy to help you to improve your spanish.

  • Luis1097

    16 Male living in Colombia

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

    Servicial y colaborativo, me gusta conversar con las personas sobre todo si son de diferentes culturas. Mi skype: Luis.1097

  • Carlos

    30 Male living in bogota

    Speaking Spanish Spanish

    learning English English

  • Juanpa.rico1

    17 Male living in Bogotá

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English French

    I do like talking and meeting people,

  • Juanpa.rico11

    18 Male living in Bogotá

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

    I'm a really extroverted guy

  • Andreso

    25 Male living in Bogota

    Speaking Spanish

    learning French

    Hi. This is Andres. I looking for someone to practice french language. I know  English and Spanish.

  • Jupariav

    18 Male living in Bogota

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English Portuguese


    I am a college student here in Bogota. I've been learning english since I was 10 years old and I always practiced it at shcool. I lived in the US for 2 years and made my english a lot better and way more fluent. However, as soon as I graduated from school, my english lessons ended, and with it, all the practice I had. Right now I am very worried of losing my fluency, pronunciation, well, everything!!! So, I am looking for people to practice my english with. 

    I am majoring in economics in college; I do track and field training every day; I am a very friendly person and am willing to talk about ANYTHING!!! I'm looking for new friends to talk in english.

  • Christian

    20 Male living in Bogota

    Speaking Spanish

    learning English

    Hi everyone!, I want to meet people to improve either english or french while having a good time talking and exchanging each other culture and thoughts. I can help you learning/improving spanish. If you are in Bogota let's meet up and have a coffee while practicing english or french and spanish.

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