Language exchange partners in Battleground

  • Angelahaithi

    17 Female living in Indiana, USA

    Speaking English

    learning Vietnamese

    I was born in Bac Ninh and would like to learn the Northern dialect (: 
  • Darian

    19 Male living in Danville, IL, United States

    Speaking English

    learning Dutch German

    I love the German and Dutch languages and would like to learn both

  • Ab180

    23 Male living in Indiana, United States

    Speaking English

    learning French German

    I'm looking for someone to help me improve my French, and I would help them with their English in exchange.  In particular, my spoken French and listening comprehension are lacking.  Thanks for reading, and contact me if you would like to talk.

    Je cherche quelqu'un pour m'aider améliorer mon français, et je l'aiderais en échange.  Particulièrement, mon français parlé et mon compréhension ne sont pas bons.  Merci de lire, et contactez-moi si vous voudriez parler.

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