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Marina bartolomé

I offer Spanish and Catalan as native languages

By Marina Bartolomé - over 4 years ago

Hi! My name is Marina and I would love to improve my english having a good conversation. I am also interested in improving my italian! And, maybe I can also help french people to learn spanish!

Ciao! mi chiamo Marina e sono una studentessa di 22 anni che abito a Barcellona. Mi piacerebbe un saco praticare l'italiano perchè anche se mi piace molto la vostra lingua, non la posso parlare mai. 

Write me! :D


    Marina bartolomé


    By Ankit - over 4 years ago

      Marina bartolomé

      Hi marina , I'd like to have English conversation with you . would you like to add me lady ?

      My Skype ID : truth1392

      By truth1392 - about 4 years ago

        Marina bartolomé

        if you wan't my skype : firas.dream

        By firas - about 4 years ago

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