Language exchange partners in Salvador - bahia, república federativa do brasil



Feira de Santana

Speaking Portuguese

learning English

My name is Elton Barbosa.I'm Brazilian. I'm 24. I'd like to improve my english so much. I'm electrical engineering student    and then to learn english is essential.I have tried to learn english by my self, watching some movies, reading something,    watching new channels. I really need to improve my listening and conversation level. I'm lookimg for people who speaking    in english to practice with me and I can share portuguese. My skype is elton.barbosa42.

Ana aguirre

Ana aguirre


Speaking Spanish

learning French

My name is Ana, I am from Spain (where I studied Hispanic philology), but since I finished my degree I started travelling and ended up in Salvador, Brazil, where I am currently studying to become a nurse. Some years ago I studied French and I want to go back to studying it and I am looking for someone really interested in doing a regular French/Spanish language-culture exchange, focused on comparative literature/ medicine-research related literature. It could also have to do with comparative cinema (mainly, old movies)/sociology/anthropology/political issues.


If you would be interested in doing this type of exchange or think of someone you know that would… I would really appreciate you getting in touch.